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Foreigners living in Japan
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This is a community mostly for foreigners living in Japan or for those interested in coming here at some point in the future, but everyone is welcome as long as the posts are relatively on-topic. The goal is to have a forum for anything from customs questions, travel experiences/information, queries on working programs, interesting events/meet-ups or basically anything else as long as it relates to the country. Posts are unmoderated, joining is also open for anyone, since I don't anticipate this becoming totally heavy fodder for flaming, so feel free to get in and go nuts. JET people are welcome, study abroad students are welcome, NOVA people, random travelers, whoever, no restrictions.

No advertisements, please, unless they're related in some way to the community. Otherwise I'll just take them down without warning.

Advertisements for meet-ups or band concerts or so on are perfectly fine (as long as they either take place in Japan or are otherwise obviously Japan-related -- 'Study Abroad Veterans Unite!' or something.

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