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Etiquette when watching musicals, Animate card.

Hi everyone,

Firstly I would like to thank for all the help I always get from this LJ <3

I would be going to Tokyo in Sept to catch a musical/play, RnJ at Tokyu Orb. As this is the first time I am actually able to watch a live show there (and I am HIGHLY excited about it), I would wish that I would have a good time there and definitely not offend or miss anything out because of ignorance. <3 Hence, mainly I would like to ask about the etiquette when watching plays and musicals in Japan from those who have done so before! *bows*

Mainly I'll like to know:
1) How early should I go? How early should I return during the intervals?

2) Attire? Is there need to be formal/semi formal etc.

3) Buying of musical/play related merchandise, how would it usually go? I would think that I would have to line up for it and etc, but is there usually a limit to amount that I can buy, recommendations to do purchase before or after the musical/play (would there be a time limit etc?).

4) Any other things that I should pay attention to that I may have missed out.

Thank you in advance for all the help! Also if anyone here is going for this, on Sept 8 5.30 show, I would love to meet up and get to know more people who like these in Japan.

Furthermore, I'll like to ask some questions on the Animate card. I have one that has discount points (the ____P type) accumulated inside, and it is enough for a discount (500 yen etc.) How would I ask for the discount? Or would it be done automatically when I pass my card to the cashier when buying an item?

Thanks once again! I am eagerly looking forward to any replies!

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