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Etiquette when watching musicals, Animate card.

Hi everyone,

Firstly I would like to thank for all the help I always get from this LJ <3

I would be going to Tokyo in Sept to catch a musical/play, RnJ at Tokyu Orb. As this is the first time I am actually able to watch a live show there (and I am HIGHLY excited about it), I would wish that I would have a good time there and definitely not offend or miss anything out because of ignorance. <3 Hence, mainly I would like to ask about the etiquette when watching plays and musicals in Japan from those who have done so before! *bows*

Mainly I'll like to know:
1) How early should I go? How early should I return during the intervals?

2) Attire? Is there need to be formal/semi formal etc.

3) Buying of musical/play related merchandise, how would it usually go? I would think that I would have to line up for it and etc, but is there usually a limit to amount that I can buy, recommendations to do purchase before or after the musical/play (would there be a time limit etc?).

4) Any other things that I should pay attention to that I may have missed out.

Thank you in advance for all the help! Also if anyone here is going for this, on Sept 8 5.30 show, I would love to meet up and get to know more people who like these in Japan.

Furthermore, I'll like to ask some questions on the Animate card. I have one that has discount points (the ____P type) accumulated inside, and it is enough for a discount (500 yen etc.) How would I ask for the discount? Or would it be done automatically when I pass my card to the cashier when buying an item?

Thanks once again! I am eagerly looking forward to any replies!

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Deleted comment

Ah. okay~ Thanks so much!

Just another extra question (><): Do I ask the same way for item points? Is there another way to ask for the item points type? and would I require the receipt together with the card etc. Mainly asking because I don't see the number of ___点 points reflected on the online animate club accounts.

Thanks once again for all your help!!!
As with most stage shows I'd recommend going a 20-30 mins earlier. Add another 20+ mins if you want to buy merchandise, otherwise you can grab them after the show. Limitations would depend on the individual show itself, I've never bought multiple copies of something so I'm not sure. Neither have I queued for that long to encounter a closing time for the merch line. I usually like to dress up for theater but casual-formal is usually a safe bet.
Thanks so much for the advice!!

I will be sure to check it out beforehand if possible, haha I'm getting gifts for my friends who are unable to come along, so I really hope I'll be able to get something for them!

Your reply really does help me with my worries! <3