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Questions about Live Standing Concerts.


I have a question to anyone that has been to a live standing concert at ZEPP DIVERCITY TOKYO. I have tickets to a concert in June and I do realise that the 整理番号 of my ticket: C94 is kind terribly behind (since after some research I do realise that the A and B seats can amount up to 800s) since I only managed to acquire it during the general release. ><

Hence I'll like to know if anyone has been to a live standing concert and has any advice for this? I am not expecting to be in the first few rows but at least I do hope I'll be able to see least? (and probably mentally prepare myself on how behind I would be with that kind of number.) Also is there anything I can do about getting a better view in general? (that isn't a nuisance of course!)

Furthermore, would 2-3 hours earlier be good enough to queue for the Live goods? Or would people recommend that I go earlier still?

I would definitely be in the area quite early as I am touring Odaiba in the morning.

Also may I consult anyone that has been to such live standing concerts (It is my first live standing concert in Japan) what is the etiquette of such concerts?

Thanks so much! I really do appreciate any help I can get! :)

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Qestions about living in Yokohama

Hi, I have two questions.
1) Is one salary about 360 000 yen/month enough for two people to live (accommodation, food, etc) in Yokohama (or somewhere nearby)?
2) Where on the Internet a foreigner can find a job in Japan when she/he is still in a homeland? Can you recommend any sites?
Thanks in advance :).

Stage 2 Osaka Uni interviews

hi guys!

I've been recently notified of my success in the stage 1 of my application to OsakaU's Human-Sciences All-English program and told to continue to the stage 2 interviews.
I' fairly nervouse since no one seems to know what types of questions would be asked!

I was wondering if anyone on here has any idea of what the interview may be about?
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(no subject)

Anyone here have lived in or visited Akita or Aomori prefectures? Or if you were a JET who lived there? I'd just like to get an idea of what it's like to live there, and not in their capital cities.  Any information you have would be helpful - like, the people, the entertainment, the general pace of life, amount of foreigners, etc.


Etiquette when watching musicals, Animate card.

Hi everyone,

Firstly I would like to thank for all the help I always get from this LJ <3

I would be going to Tokyo in Sept to catch a musical/play, RnJ at Tokyu Orb. As this is the first time I am actually able to watch a live show there (and I am HIGHLY excited about it), I would wish that I would have a good time there and definitely not offend or miss anything out because of ignorance. <3 Hence, mainly I would like to ask about the etiquette when watching plays and musicals in Japan from those who have done so before! *bows*

Mainly I'll like to know:
1) How early should I go? How early should I return during the intervals?

2) Attire? Is there need to be formal/semi formal etc.

3) Buying of musical/play related merchandise, how would it usually go? I would think that I would have to line up for it and etc, but is there usually a limit to amount that I can buy, recommendations to do purchase before or after the musical/play (would there be a time limit etc?).

4) Any other things that I should pay attention to that I may have missed out.

Thank you in advance for all the help! Also if anyone here is going for this, on Sept 8 5.30 show, I would love to meet up and get to know more people who like these in Japan.

Furthermore, I'll like to ask some questions on the Animate card. I have one that has discount points (the ____P type) accumulated inside, and it is enough for a discount (500 yen etc.) How would I ask for the discount? Or would it be done automatically when I pass my card to the cashier when buying an item?

Thanks once again! I am eagerly looking forward to any replies!

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(no subject)

In Japan, what is the most common method of removing unwanted facial hair (for women, that is)?

Currently, to get rid of my stray upper lip hairs, I swear by threading.  Is threading at all common in Japan or do women just wax or what?
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softbank contract cancellation

first, sorry for my bad english since english isn't my native languange.
i want to ask regarding softbank contract cancellation.
19th december last year i went back to my country, before that (11th dec) i went to softbank to cancel my contract.
i paid 9000++yen for the cancellation fee and 5000++yen for my billing (they ask me if i want to pay all my billing)
after that my phone can't be used anymore so i thought there will be no more billing coming for me again while im in my country.
however, yesterday my friend who live in my apartement in japan told me there is softbank billing for me.
she said every months the billing keep coming. i'm a little bit disappointed of her because she never tell me there is billing for me until now
then i told her to open it and there is 6000++ yen bill and the due date is 18th july.
i'm very confuse now, why thel billing still coming for me eventhough i already cancel my contract.
what if i don't have friend over there to tell me there is billing for me. i wouldn't know anything about it.
the billing they sent doesn't have specific details, i don't want to pay if i don't understand what's that for.
i ask my friend to go to softbank and ask it for me, but she still can't promise when she can go.
i can't and won't go to japan anymore so i can't come and ask softbank myself. i still have the cancellation paper though.
what if i don't pay it? will i be blacklisted in japan or only the provider services in japan?
i'm worried with the debt though.
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(no subject)

Generally speaking, how is the internet in Japan?

Currently I function on a steady internet speed of approximately 30Mbps.  I have no doubt that big cities in Japan have internet connections like this or better, but what about the more rural areas? Small towns and villages? Would one be able to obtain a fast and reliable internet connection? And how much would they normally cost?

Any advice/input/experiences are appreciated.  Thank you!

Kanji translation app?

Hi guys. Does anyone know of an app for Android that would let me write kanji on the screen, then translate it for me? I have to see a doctor (in Japan) by myself on Monday, and while I'm working on a note to show the doc with my symptoms, and how to say what's wrong, I'm worried about reading the paperwork. Please and thank you