Sakia Ishida (sakia_chan) wrote in lifeinjapan,
Sakia Ishida

Questions about Live Standing Concerts.


I have a question to anyone that has been to a live standing concert at ZEPP DIVERCITY TOKYO. I have tickets to a concert in June and I do realise that the 整理番号 of my ticket: C94 is kind terribly behind (since after some research I do realise that the A and B seats can amount up to 800s) since I only managed to acquire it during the general release. ><

Hence I'll like to know if anyone has been to a live standing concert and has any advice for this? I am not expecting to be in the first few rows but at least I do hope I'll be able to see least? (and probably mentally prepare myself on how behind I would be with that kind of number.) Also is there anything I can do about getting a better view in general? (that isn't a nuisance of course!)

Furthermore, would 2-3 hours earlier be good enough to queue for the Live goods? Or would people recommend that I go earlier still?

I would definitely be in the area quite early as I am touring Odaiba in the morning.

Also may I consult anyone that has been to such live standing concerts (It is my first live standing concert in Japan) what is the etiquette of such concerts?

Thanks so much! I really do appreciate any help I can get! :)

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