Leciel Tacamui (leciel_freaks) wrote in lifeinjapan,
Leciel Tacamui

softbank contract cancellation

first, sorry for my bad english since english isn't my native languange.
i want to ask regarding softbank contract cancellation.
19th december last year i went back to my country, before that (11th dec) i went to softbank to cancel my contract.
i paid 9000++yen for the cancellation fee and 5000++yen for my billing (they ask me if i want to pay all my billing)
after that my phone can't be used anymore so i thought there will be no more billing coming for me again while im in my country.
however, yesterday my friend who live in my apartement in japan told me there is softbank billing for me.
she said every months the billing keep coming. i'm a little bit disappointed of her because she never tell me there is billing for me until now
then i told her to open it and there is 6000++ yen bill and the due date is 18th july.
i'm very confuse now, why thel billing still coming for me eventhough i already cancel my contract.
what if i don't have friend over there to tell me there is billing for me. i wouldn't know anything about it.
the billing they sent doesn't have specific details, i don't want to pay if i don't understand what's that for.
i ask my friend to go to softbank and ask it for me, but she still can't promise when she can go.
i can't and won't go to japan anymore so i can't come and ask softbank myself. i still have the cancellation paper though.
what if i don't pay it? will i be blacklisted in japan or only the provider services in japan?
i'm worried with the debt though.
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