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Знакомства бесплатно новгород [11 Jun 2016|08:20am]
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Questions about Live Standing Concerts. [22 Mar 2014|11:02pm]



I have a question to anyone that has been to a live standing concert at ZEPP DIVERCITY TOKYO. I have tickets to a concert in June and I do realise that the 整理番号 of my ticket: C94 is kind terribly behind (since after some research I do realise that the A and B seats can amount up to 800s) since I only managed to acquire it during the general release. ><

Hence I'll like to know if anyone has been to a live standing concert and has any advice for this? I am not expecting to be in the first few rows but at least I do hope I'll be able to see least? (and probably mentally prepare myself on how behind I would be with that kind of number.) Also is there anything I can do about getting a better view in general? (that isn't a nuisance of course!)

Furthermore, would 2-3 hours earlier be good enough to queue for the Live goods? Or would people recommend that I go earlier still?

I would definitely be in the area quite early as I am touring Odaiba in the morning.

Also may I consult anyone that has been to such live standing concerts (It is my first live standing concert in Japan) what is the etiquette of such concerts?

Thanks so much! I really do appreciate any help I can get! :)

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Qestions about living in Yokohama [18 Mar 2014|03:59pm]

Hi, I have two questions.
1) Is one salary about 360 000 yen/month enough for two people to live (accommodation, food, etc) in Yokohama (or somewhere nearby)?
2) Where on the Internet a foreigner can find a job in Japan when she/he is still in a homeland? Can you recommend any sites?
Thanks in advance :).
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Stage 2 Osaka Uni interviews [05 Feb 2014|07:12pm]

hi guys!

I've been recently notified of my success in the stage 1 of my application to OsakaU's Human-Sciences All-English program and told to continue to the stage 2 interviews.
I' fairly nervouse since no one seems to know what types of questions would be asked!

I was wondering if anyone on here has any idea of what the interview may be about?
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[25 Jan 2014|01:13pm]

Do torrents work just fine in Japan?
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[29 Aug 2013|01:41pm]

Anyone here have lived in or visited Akita or Aomori prefectures? Or if you were a JET who lived there? I'd just like to get an idea of what it's like to live there, and not in their capital cities.  Any information you have would be helpful - like, the people, the entertainment, the general pace of life, amount of foreigners, etc.

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Etiquette when watching musicals, Animate card. [18 Aug 2013|03:03pm]

[ mood | Happy ]

Hi everyone,

Firstly I would like to thank for all the help I always get from this LJ <3

I would be going to Tokyo in Sept to catch a musical/play, RnJ at Tokyu Orb. As this is the first time I am actually able to watch a live show there (and I am HIGHLY excited about it), I would wish that I would have a good time there and definitely not offend or miss anything out because of ignorance. <3 Hence, mainly I would like to ask about the etiquette when watching plays and musicals in Japan from those who have done so before! *bows*

Mainly I'll like to know:
1) How early should I go? How early should I return during the intervals?

2) Attire? Is there need to be formal/semi formal etc.

3) Buying of musical/play related merchandise, how would it usually go? I would think that I would have to line up for it and etc, but is there usually a limit to amount that I can buy, recommendations to do purchase before or after the musical/play (would there be a time limit etc?).

4) Any other things that I should pay attention to that I may have missed out.

Thank you in advance for all the help! Also if anyone here is going for this, on Sept 8 5.30 show, I would love to meet up and get to know more people who like these in Japan.

Furthermore, I'll like to ask some questions on the Animate card. I have one that has discount points (the ____P type) accumulated inside, and it is enough for a discount (500 yen etc.) How would I ask for the discount? Or would it be done automatically when I pass my card to the cashier when buying an item?

Thanks once again! I am eagerly looking forward to any replies!

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[31 Jul 2013|11:35pm]

In Japan, what is the most common method of removing unwanted facial hair (for women, that is)?

Currently, to get rid of my stray upper lip hairs, I swear by threading.  Is threading at all common in Japan or do women just wax or what?
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softbank contract cancellation [17 Jul 2013|10:54am]

first, sorry for my bad english since english isn't my native languange.
i want to ask regarding softbank contract cancellation.
19th december last year i went back to my country, before that (11th dec) i went to softbank to cancel my contract.
i paid 9000++yen for the cancellation fee and 5000++yen for my billing (they ask me if i want to pay all my billing)
after that my phone can't be used anymore so i thought there will be no more billing coming for me again while im in my country.
however, yesterday my friend who live in my apartement in japan told me there is softbank billing for me.
she said every months the billing keep coming. i'm a little bit disappointed of her because she never tell me there is billing for me until now
then i told her to open it and there is 6000++ yen bill and the due date is 18th july.
i'm very confuse now, why thel billing still coming for me eventhough i already cancel my contract.
what if i don't have friend over there to tell me there is billing for me. i wouldn't know anything about it.
the billing they sent doesn't have specific details, i don't want to pay if i don't understand what's that for.
i ask my friend to go to softbank and ask it for me, but she still can't promise when she can go.
i can't and won't go to japan anymore so i can't come and ask softbank myself. i still have the cancellation paper though.
what if i don't pay it? will i be blacklisted in japan or only the provider services in japan?
i'm worried with the debt though.
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[03 Jul 2013|10:38am]

Generally speaking, how is the internet in Japan?

Currently I function on a steady internet speed of approximately 30Mbps.  I have no doubt that big cities in Japan have internet connections like this or better, but what about the more rural areas? Small towns and villages? Would one be able to obtain a fast and reliable internet connection? And how much would they normally cost?

Any advice/input/experiences are appreciated.  Thank you!
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Kanji translation app? [12 May 2013|02:28am]

Hi guys. Does anyone know of an app for Android that would let me write kanji on the screen, then translate it for me? I have to see a doctor (in Japan) by myself on Monday, and while I'm working on a note to show the doc with my symptoms, and how to say what's wrong, I'm worried about reading the paperwork. Please and thank you
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Japan earthquake and tsunami 2011 [11 Mar 2013|06:54pm]

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan on March 11th, 2011.

As I live in Japan, I still remember that horrible day very well. I doubt anybody will ever be able to forget about it!

Read more...Collapse )

More photos and information about Ishinomaki City can be found here.

Let's hope that such a triple disaster will never happen again! :(

Where were you when it happened?
How did you experience March 11th, 2011?
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Question: Seals in Japan [17 Nov 2012|06:42pm]


I have a friend that needs to work in Japan and has a need for several name seals. One for daily use, one for Banks and one for official use. It is hard to find a ready made one as he has a non-Japanese name. He is looking for places to do it in Japan, Tokyo and the cost of making one, especially if there is any cheap alternatives or cheap places to make one?

Thanks so much for all your help!!
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Question [27 Oct 2012|07:08pm]

This might sound a bit random, but does anybody know if winter bath robes/dressing gowns are sold in Japan? I've been to multiple supermarkets and clothing shops in different cities, and so far have only seen 'bedroom set' 2-pieces, or half-dressing gown sweater things. I'm not looking for anything fancy - just the regular fleecy dressing gowns that go down to around the knees or lower and are tied around the waist (e.g. something vaguely along these lines: http://www.clothesinternet.co.uk/ProdImag/1/AZ101.jpg). I'll buy something from overseas online if I have to, but shipping costs are killer so I wanted to ask here first.
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A question for the women in Osaka/ Kansai [22 Oct 2012|08:21pm]

question behind hereCollapse )
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download? [20 Oct 2012|12:05pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hi everyone.
i just came to japan and will be living here for 1 years
my biggest question now is;
is it alright for us to download files such us music or movie from foreign link? (MF etc)
i know there is anti-piracy law which is just introduced not long ago and it is quite scared me
if i download will the provider (i use softbank) know it?

sorry my english isn't very good
thanks in advance!

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Experience with b-mobile anyone? [25 Sep 2012|01:23am]


I've been in Japan for many years now.
When traveling I really need the functions of a smartphone, but what kept me from getting one until now was that stupid 2-year contract that all providers in Japan offer.
I never knew if I'd stay long enough and on top of that I knew that I wouldn't be able to use the phone back home (stupid SIM-lock).

Anyways, I'm looking for the best option in my situation.
I'm quite sure that I won't stay another 2 years in Japan. We're talking about 6 months - 1.5 years.
I had friends who left and had to pay about 10.000yen cancellation fee and a lot of money for the phone (however much was still left to pay) and they took a phone with them that was completely useless.
I really NEED a smartphone these days, but I don't want to waste around 60.000yen (with the iPhone 5 it's probably even more).

I found out about b-mobile. They offer a Smartphone SIM and it's only a 3-months commitment! That sounds great!
They accept SIM-free phones, so you can buy a phone abroad and then use b-mobile as provider.

I want to know if anybody has any experience with this provider or has done what I might want to do?

If you have any other good ideas what I could do, please let me know!

Thanks a lot in advance! :)
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Hair removal: Waxing studios - Girls, advice please :) [22 May 2012|11:08pm]


I want to remove the hair on my arms.
I've always had issues with it and shaved it when I was a teenager. Unfortunately I have super great and thick hair that grows super fast, so I had to shave TWICE a day.
At some point I just had to give up. I mean there are so many other body parts that we women have to take care of, too, right?

As a university student I kind of accepted it as part of who I am. I'm really hairy! Although I'm German I hardly ever see any Spanish or Italian who's hairier ...

I came to Japan many years ago and didn't care about shaving my arms.
I guess my students and co-workers quickly got used to it, too. Only when a new female Japanese teacher started I noticed her staring at my hair like crazy all the time.
Yet, I kept my hair.

I started a new job this year and the majority of my students and all the teachers tend to stair like crazy.
Usually I don't give a shit about what others think (otherwise I'd go crazy), but for some reason the hair annoys me this year, too!

Some Japanese women are surprisingly hairy on their arms! You won't ever see it as ALL of them seem to get rid of that hair!
That is one of things that is considered beautiful here: soft white skin.

Fastest option would be shaving, but like I said I would have to do it twice a day. I don't have THAT much free time!!
Also, the summer here in Japan is sooooooooooooooooooo long, I'd die!
I do have an epilator, but I don't think it's a good idea to use it on my arms.

For that waxing or sugaring would be best, but I think my arms are the only body part that I can't do myself.
So, I'm currently looking for a waxing studio or something like that.

I already knew that Japan is not into waxing and most people have never heard of sugaring before. It's sad.
They tend to prefer permanent methods such as laser.

My current co-workers are all much older than me (in their 40s and 50s), so they all don't know of any beauty salons or anything.

Do you have any good sugesstions for me?
I tried to search online but there are very few places that offer waxing and are very expensive.

I'm glad for any advice you can give me.

Please note that I do not live in or close to Tokyo. It would be too far to go there just for hair removal!
Osaka is not too close either, but I can go there by local train in less than 2 hours, so if I only have to go once a month in summer, it's doable.

Thanks a lot in advance!
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nikko [20 May 2012|12:30pm]


I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with Nikko, Japan? I'd love some info about living expenses, how accepting it is of foreigners, what the schools are like, what the city itself (not the shrines and natural landscapes) is like aesthetically (pictures or links to pictures would be fantastic), what there is to do for fun, etc.

Generally, anything at all about about Nikko would be very helpful and much appreciated, thank you!
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Questions about buying various tickets [29 Apr 2012|07:12pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi~ I'll be going to Japan in May this year from 14th to the 25th of May and will be traveling from Tokyo to Osaka (and going back from there) in a big group of around 15 people, and require some help in ticket purchasing in various areas.

So I'll like to ask, besides the normal shinkansen tickets (which costs ard 13 000 yen) are there any cheaper alternatives and stuff? I heard about the "" and the "" tickets but I don't see them on the JR website anymore so are they still available? Are there group tickets available for like 10 plus people?

Another question is that some of us wants to go to Disney Sea (Tokyo) on one of the days of travel there. How do we go about buying it? Is it the same as buying a Mitaka (Ghibli muesuem) ticket? <-- I have done this before so I know the basics for a Loppi machine) Also is it difficult to get tickets? (i.e. does it run out really quickly or seasonal closures, things like that? Approximate of 2-5 people are going there)

Some of us also wants to go watch musicals there. One of the musicals we are looking out for is that of the Ao no exorcist musical or the Sengoku Basara musical. Both of which seemingly can be bought on e+ website (Ao: http://eplus.jp/sys/T1U14P0011287P002073412P0050001P006001, the Sengoku one seems to have ran out, but is there anyway we can get about 2-3 tickets?), but I am not sure if they accept overseas booking (from Singapore), or how to really operate the site. If not, is there any way for us to get tickets when we reach Tokyo? And how do we do so? (I haven't bought any tickets for shows before so I am not quite sure how to go about doing it. Would really really be very grateful to anyone who can help with this as it is a dream for some of us to really finally be able to watch something there. :3)

*BOWS* Thanks so much everyone in advance for all the help that you can give. <3

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